Premium quality rock in Central Florida with locations in Orlando and St. Cloud

Landscape Supply Co strives to bring you the best decorative and functional landscape rocks and stones. Check out our great selection, we are sure to have the right type of rock for all of your projects.

We offer tan river rock, brown & gray pea rock, crushed concrete, Seminole Chip, clean marble, drainfield rock, granite, red lava rock, Timberlite, and fines. All available for pick-up or delivery and sold by the cubic yard. Call 407-240-1023 (Orlando) or 321-209-4888 (St. Cloud) or order online 24/7!

Tan River Rock

A beautiful multi-colored mix of rocks.

Gray Granite

Gray with other earth tones and a sparkle in the sunlight.

Lava Rock

A porous stone which resembles dried lava.

White Marble

Brilliantly white stone that catches the light.


A unique multicolored stone.

Gray Pea Rock

A uniform gray, pebble-sized stone.

Brown Pea Rock

Similar to river rock, but the size of pebbles.


Limestone; good for areas requiring quick drainage.

Seminole Chip

Reddish earth tones with a fairly smooth texture and angular shape.

Crushed Concrete

Compacts well and interlocks for driveways and foundations.

Concrete Fines

Small pieces of concrete good for use as a base material under paving.

White Fines

A very finely ground white stone.

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